There are currently a few tags in use relating to specific incidents, e.g. , , and .

There were also a number of others that I created and added to questions, following suit with the other tags. These were edited out by a user a week or 2 ago (not too sure why given the precedent, but I didn't mention it).

Thing is, these tags do create a bit of a mess, especially if there is only 1 question with that tag. Other questions related to specific accidents are being asked frequently though, for example: How did flight 2574 break up?.

I propose that we create a tag that all of these - and any future questions - can be lumped into. A tag synonym can be added.

There are 21 questions still tagged with *-incident. I can find the questions I'd previously added tags to - I'd guess there'd be another 15.

Is this something the community agrees or disagrees with?


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We already have and tags; I don't see what adding the specific- prefix buys us. It gives no additional information, doesn't help people find or categorize questions or answers, and people who come to the site are very unlikely to add that tag to their question.

You can argue that we shouldn't have tags specific to individual events, but I don't see what harm it's doing. There may be people who want to follow them, or easily search for them.


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