There are a few people I really feel ought to run for moderator and, apparently, I'm not allowed to nominate them directly as they must nominate themselves. So, I asked @GraceNote if there was a simple way to alert people that they ought to run and would have my support.

I was told that there are probably plenty of users in my boat and that other sites have had similar questions come up. I was told that those stacks simply created a "Nominations Thread", and that it may be a good idea for us to do the same thing.

So here I am, creating that thread. Please feel free to nominate people you would like to run, and perhaps a brief explanation of why you would support them. If you see someone else has already nominated them, then just do what comes naturally: upvote them :).


If you would like to suggest that someone run for moderator, please list their name here.

If you've been suggested as a nominee, and would like to go ahead and nominate yourself for moderator, please feel free to click this clause to be taken to the nomination page. (The form link is at the bottom of the page.)


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I'd like to suggest that voretaq7 nominate himself for moderator. He is one of our current mods, and I feel he's done a stellar job of staying on top of his duties. So nominate yourself already sir!


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