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The question went through multiple close and low-quality reviews.

Timeline of events:

  • Asker can't find flaps lever
  • Answer shows flap switch on the real plane (photo and manual)
  • Another answer shows (?) a barely visible flap indicator in a 10-year old (?) add-on for FSX
  • Asker clarifies they still can't find it in X-Plane
  • I respond to the asker's comment on the answer that asking about the real plane is on-topic, asking where it is in X-Plane after being shown the real life one is off-topic
  • A user edits the question invalidating the top voted answer
  • I roll it back based on community policy.

A lot of the comments are both for and against the question.

  • What are your thoughts so the community can establish a policy with regard to those questions? What should be done to the question?
  • $\begingroup$ I agree this is a dupe and the main issues are covered in that previous question. I think both it and you are right: asking for real-life information to be used in a sim is fine, but asking why a specific sim differs from real life isn't. The only answer we can give in that case is "ask the software provider", which isn't very useful. $\endgroup$
    – Pondlife
    Jun 8, 2018 at 14:46

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My opinion is as I have commented twice:

  • Asking a question stemming from a sim is on-topic if it is about the real life application of that question. Pursuing product support is off-topic.

Similar situations where I have previously answered:

Those are questions coming from aviation enthusiasts, and for example the 737 one in OP's own words:

Is it like that in real life?

What I think should be done to the question is for it to be re-opened, whether OP accepts an answer or not.

I also think all answers for such questions should not be product support answers (products have their own forums and support teams and online groups).


The above aligns with the older topic/policy on the same scope problem:

In summary, I'm all for questions that ask about airplane procedures and if the simmers want to frame the questions in this regard, that is fine. I just don't want to see "so what button do I press in X-plane to do something" questions.

I'll leave this question open, i.e., leave VTC as duplicate to the community -- so anyone wanting to answer can do so in case the community thinks a policy refresh is needed.