My reputation has increased-- do all the downvotes I made before I had 125 reputation now have an effect on displayed score of q's and a's?

If not, can I go back and recast those votes even if no editing has taken place to those q's and a's?

Just trying to figure out how this all works--


You can't downvote if you're <125 rep points, if you've tried it, you should have noticed a banner that says it doesn't count. I also wouldn't go crazy with the downvotes just because you can. It's better to leave a comment requesting clarification or suggesting a correction.

Downvotes on answers remove 1 rep per vote from you, the voter. It's one way to verify, check your reputation or your recorded votes. Only you can view -1 changes and your votes tab.

For more info on downvoting, check the help center.


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