In this question: When do wings not matter? a closer Jaun had answered my question but yet he marked my question to another question which his answer would not make any sense.

I have seen where a user will answer a question but still mark the question unclear as well. Is this not misusing the system?


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Here is the scenario you've presented.

  1. User 1 answered a question
  2. User 2 found a possible duplicate
  3. User 1 agreed that it is a duplicate

Is User 1 misusing the system? TL;DR No, they are not misusing the system.

Regarding the first point, User 1 is not required to search for duplicates before answering. (Is it my responsibility to search for duplicates & vote to close before answering?)

Unless you recall a specific question that you think is a duplicate, it's not an expectation that you do exhaustive searching to look for a duplicate.

Regarding the last point, it's been established that answering and voting to close are distinct things. (Should a user be allowed to vote to close a question that he has answered?)

To that end, I see answering and voting to close as two separate and distinct actions.

Because User 1 was not aware of the possible duplicate, User 1 answered. User 1 became aware of said post, User 1 voted as they saw fit.

User 1 has nothing to gain from said actions above. On the contrary, if they voted leave open, one could allege (without proof) that they want fresh fake internet points, especially if a question hits the hot network questions list.


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