There are quite a lot of questions that bring up an idea for improving the safety of commercial aviation, and ask why the idea is not implemented.

These questions tend to have similar answers: namely, that commercial aviation is already safe enough, and implementing the idea would provide a minuscule safety benefit (or would even make things worse) at significant expense.

Should we have a tag for all of these questions? Perhaps we could use .

These questions include:


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I fail to see the benefit.

Either these questions are, as you stated, basically answerable with opinion - "Unlikely to be worth the weight gain" - which makes them bad questions.

Or, they are "I've had this great idea - do you agree its a great idea?" which are also bad questions in my humble opinion.

(or something similar) has a whiff of meta-tag too. Does it stand on it's own? I do not think so. Is it a GA safety idea, or a commercial safety idea? Does it refer to helicopter operations or fixed wing? Some other tag would need to accompany it to make it a well-tagged question.


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