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One of the examples I've recently come across: low-quality-posts/46508

If you wish to make said minor edit, press on link and do it in another tab, please (I do it all the time).

The underlined guide above says "if you can fix all the problems". For example, fixing "your" to "you're" is not a problem, and shouldn't be a reason for flagging either, so if you must, do it via link.

From What are the guidelines for reviewing?:

(...) Keep in mind that editing within the queue will be a unilateral Looks OK vote, so be careful with edits that just make minor improvements ("rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic").

Over three years ago @Federico asked why the system is designed that way, but no answer as of yet.

An edit that makes sense from the review queue is clarifying a point the author has made, and that (from experience*) should be very rare. That edit should also not transform the post.

I'm also hoping to hear what you think.

Note: This applies to Close/Reopen queues as well (kicking the post off the review queue; not the unilateral decision part).

* For 2019 so far, I've only made two such edits from the review page:

  • low-quality-posts/46034
    Salvaged a link-only video post, while not adding anything else to what the author said.
  • low-quality-posts/44838
    Added Wikipedia links that confirm the answer (I think whomever flagged it didn't realize the Yak-42 was a jet-liner).
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