The tag was merged into . I proposed the synonym 1.5 years ago: Should 'sound' tag be a synonym of 'noise'? The top-voted answer and comments there made a good case for them being separate, for example, [noise] doesn't make sense here: What are the triggers of the MD-80's takeoff configuration warnings? But I could not take my vote back, and it went through a few hours ago.

(For that particular MD-80 post it's now showing as [sound] due to a known bug / mod edit.)

@Sanchises recommended in a comment to use , but that leaves visual warnings out.

So, perhaps , in line with typical FCOM chapters? Or, , in line with ATA chapters?

Or something else? What are your thoughts?


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I suggest .

might be confused with ATC warnings, FAA warning letters, or FCOM warnings that have nothing to do with sounds and lights designed to alert a pilot in the cockpit.

"Alerts" also include indications that aren't necessary "warnings", for example the C-chord when reaching within 150 feet of selected altitude.


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