Here is an answer by jpe61 that was flagged as low quality. I strongly considered rejecting the flag, given the number of upvotes, until I looked at the question body. When I recommended deletion, he said

@Abdullah this answer adresses the "What does "2-cycle oil" mean?" portion of the question. Other aspects of the Q are perfectly adressed by Federico's answer.

So the answer complements another answer, and answers (only) part of the question. So it is a useful answer, though not a complete one. What should happen to it?


IMO that's an issue with the question (not the answer) since it has multiple elements. Stack Exchange is designed for focused questions.

To elaborate further, the title reads "What does this formulation mean?" -- which is very vague. I take its low vote-count after becoming a network-wide hot topic as confirmation to my viewpoint.

There are various ways it can be improved, but I don't see a way that would not invalidate the answers, nor is it really the topic at hand. In short, the flagged answer is fine.

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