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Why was this question deleted, not just closed? I had just clicked the edit button to try to fix the grammar and spelling in this question, ...
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Should the question be un-deleted?

Should the question "Do the NPRMs & Final Rules preceding 1993 "alphabet" airspace re-designation indicate that these phrases were meant to exclude Class E "extensions"?&...
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My question was closed and deleted because of its humoristic phrasing

I've asked this question: What can I do with my pimped 767-300ER, which I'm no longer using regarding a public dilemma in Israel today (Note: linked article is in Hebrew) in Israel today: What to do ...
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What to do when a question is deleted by the author before I can post my answer?

I had just prepared some nice images (see below) to answer this question. But before I could post an answer, the author of the question deleted it. For reference, this was the question: Is it true ...
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Can deleted low quality questions be brought back after they disappear?

I have this question ban that has been lingering over me for years here. I recently learned somewhere on SE chat that bad deleted questions (which is a strike to delete now counts as 2 strikes to a ...
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Can I have my deleted questions undeleted?

Can I have any questions that I deleted counting towards my question ban undeleted so I may work on them to get my asking privilege back?
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How does the "recommended deletion" system work?

Recently a question got two very similar answers. Both got flagged for deletion, and in both cases the community agreed that deletion was the right course of action, but the system deleted only one. ...
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