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Should voting be used to undo damage?

We all know the damage that anonymous downvoting does, especially to novice users. We have been asked repeatedly to provide a welcoming atmosphere for new users and anonymous downvoting certainly isn'...
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Why the down vote on my last 3 question?

I have noticed on my last few questions that they got a down vote and close vote. Are they that bad and how can I make them better? Are they by the same person? What is the highest a helicopter can ...
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4 answers

Would you avoid downvoting an answer with a factual error?

Would you avoid downvoting an answer with a factual error, especially one that is central to the answer? Is it considered "rude" or something? Sure one can leave a comment noting the problem with ...
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What's the problem with this question?

This question has 6 down-votes as of now. Why? It's a perfectly reasonable question. EDIT For reference, here is the original version of the question which has since been edited: PIC time with ...
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