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Tag excerpts are not [cute] definitions

Preface: I'm not calling anyone out, just providing examples. It seems to me the first edit notice was not read, hence this post, which hopefully will also help others. Tag excerpts are not meant to ...
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Please don't edit from the review pages

What's the problem? From What are the guidelines for reviewing?: (...) Keep in mind that editing within the queue will be a unilateral Looks OK vote, so be careful with edits that just make minor ...
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Why is the approve-tag-wiki-edits privilege awarded at a much lower reputation level than the edit-tag-wikis-without-needing-approval privilege?

The "Approve tag wiki edits" privilege is currently awarded at 5,000 reputation. However, the ability to edit tagwikis without needing approval is part of the "Trusted user" privilege, which isn't ...
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Why do I have to change a minimum of 6 characters if I want to edit a post?

When I want to correct a spelling mistake and I only have to change a few characters, the website tells me I have to change a minimum of six characters. Why is this required? I could always edit the ...
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