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Publishing comment sections of ASE on other site

I have come across a case where a comment section of a now deleted Aviation Stack Exchange answer is being published on a website not part of the Stack Exhchange community pool: USHBY - interviews, ...
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Why doesn't "be nice" apply to everyone?

There's been a huge kerfuffle about "be nice" and a "Code of Conduct" and certain groups feeling "oppressed" or "insulted" or "marginalized" or ...
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Is reasking questions allowed under any conditions?

Suppose i added a question which i expected to get a lot of attention and plenty of answers, but the question ends up with very little views. Afterwards, i realise that's probably because i chose a ...
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Contacting a specific user on this site

I want to ask somebody a specific question, but I'm new here and I don't know the proper protocol. Can I ask a question directly to a specific person? If not in a private forum, does Stack Exchange ...
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5 votes
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What's our policy towards multiple answers from the same user on the same question?

Prompted by these multiple answers ( 1 & 2 ) on the same question. We had a brief conversation in chat and we agreed that having a site-wide consensus would be appropriate. Is it appropriate for ...
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Should names of people potentially liable in accidents be withheld?

In a comment on my answer to a recent question, mins wrote Why providing the names of the crew members? I doesn't add to the value of the answer, but it may hurt their families who are not ...
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