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Disputes about question?

This question: How often does a propeller vane break off? has been disputed. To an average user, there seems to be no access whatsoever into the reasons pertaining to the dispute status. Why so? The ...
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Why was my flag of a rude post declined?

I flagged this answer because it contains: The "chewing out" instructor is an idiot ... If this knucklehead is actually griping at students over this, ... The flag was declined. In my ...
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Why was "opinion based" flag declined, when even the author of the question agrees it's opinion-based?

I flagged this question as "primarily opinion-based". The language in the question makes very clear that the author is asking for an opinion. "Should" is the word they use, rather ...
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Tip: asdasdasdasdasdasd is abusive, and should be flagged as such, not as low-quality

Recent occurrence: what changes the shape of an inlet Submitted review: Use rude or abusive instead: Source: What are the “spam” and “...
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How do I flag as "low quality"?

In answer to this question about Low Quality flags, I was told that these flags are user generated, not system generated. I took a look at the list of flags available (to me, at least), and I don't ...
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Why was this spam flag disputed and the post allowed to remain?

I recently flagged this answer as spam. While this answer is a little longer and more useful than many spam posts, I still flagged it as spam because it contains an undisclosed affiliation with the ...
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Can "wall of text comments" be flagged?

What is the moderators' stance on wall-o-text consecutive comments from a single-user (single as in per thread, not a particular individual)? There's a reason why the comments are character limited. ...
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Why was my flag declined?

I flagged this answer as “not an answer” because it was short, link-only, and the poster explicitly said that they did not have enough reputation to leave a comment. The flag was declined because “a ...
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Why was this spam flag declined?

This post: Market for a rear mount 1913-1914 (Wright flyer type) wood propeller with "Paragon" isignia ... is clearly a sell advert. I flagged it as spam, going off the "exists only to ...
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Declined comment flag for obsolete comment

This answer: gathered an excellent comment by @Mackk, which included a link to a video. I thought that the video would enhance the answer greatly, so ...
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Why was my flag declined yet the post was closed for the reason I flagged?

So I flagged this question as being opinion based and the flag got declined, yet the question is currently [on hold] for being opinion based. Has something gone wrong with the system? Declined ...
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What should be the Aviation.SE consensus on spam posts?

Sure, ideally we flag it as spam and then it goes away, but what should we do between the flagging and the "it goes away"? The Meta.SE post on this says that in theory is better not to touch them, ...
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Why my flag results "declined" while the post got deleted?

I recently flagged this post as "low quality". As you can see (if you have enough rep), it has been deleted by three other users. In addition, from the review history I see that noone disagreed: ...
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