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Please enable a migration path to Drones Stack Exchange

We have an increasing number of drone questions show up on Aviation, some of which might be suitable for migration to Drones Stack Exchange. We have previously discussed how we would like to handle ...
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Is this migration correct?

EDIT I have streamlined a bit my original question, now it should be clearer. The very helpful comments that convinced me in opening the present question are here. This question (which is not mine ...
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Should we add [Travel.SE] as a migration option

We had this question from way back when we were a beta site. Then this question was asked shortly after we graduated, and no action was ever taken on either. I think it's time to take another look at ...
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Would this question on be appropriate to migrate to here?

I asked this question over on asking why a plane could only be moved by its pilot, and received a comment saying it would probably be a better fit for this site. Would it be a better fit ...
15 votes
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Closing as "belongs on another StackExchange site"

Sometimes, a question should be closed since it belongs on another SE site, most commonly travel and physics. Why when I vote to close as such, Aviation Meta is the only choice? Can we get that list ...
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Migration to Travel.SE

We seem to get a number of questions here that probably belong on Travel.SE rather than Aviation. Can we add Travel.SE to the list of sites on the "This belongs on another StackExchange network&...
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