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Are ALL forms of 'flight' on-topic?

I've recently begun following a young YouTuber whose thing is paramotors. That is a para-wing with a small two-stroke engine/blade strapped on your back. I'd like to ask some questions (and I will), ...
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Why is this MH370's disappearance question on-topic?

This: Are there any Airworthiness Directives for the Boeing 777 that might explain MH370's disappearance? It asks for speculation (the word "might") on an accident that remains a mystery. Or as ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Should missiles be on-topic?

Recently there has been an increasing interest in military topics. Normally, Aviation does include military aircraft. Since e.g. this question got 4 close votes, and other missile-related questions ...
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Should we allow questions which are likely answerable by the experts here, but are not directly related to Aviation?

Our help centre (and more specifically our on-topic page) states (emphasis mine): Aviation Stack Exchange is a site for pilots, engineers, controllers, mechanics, and aviation enthusiasts. If you ...
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Do we have a clear policy on drone questions?

The last time we discussed the new Drones.SE was about 2 years ago. Lately it seems there are more discussions in the community about certain questions being asked here. Some want them migrated there, ...
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Should tech support be on topic?

In this question's comments, Jay Carr suggests to ask here (on meta) if tech support should be on topic. There are multiple arguments: tech support is the essence of stackoverflow each communitity on ...
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Are questions about careers in aviation on topic?

We had a question on the main site about trying to get a job in operations for an airline. Personally I think the question is on topic (not withstanding a need for some editing) because we do, ...
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Should we have a separate tag ("RNP") for Required Navigation Performance questions?

There is a lot of room for disambiguation when it comes to ICAO RNAV and RNP standards. This seems to me like RNP should be its own tag separate from RNAV and GNSS tags. Here are some exemplary ...
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6 votes
4 answers

Is baggage handling on-topic at Aviation?

We recently had the question How can luggage be lost if it has a bag tag? The question was closed as off-topic, but there was disagreement in the comments about whether or not it should be considered ...
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Homework questions: has something changed, perhaps network-wide?

Often I see comments like this: This is not a forum for solving homework questions. VTC. A meta post from 5 years ago seems to suggest otherwise: Should we answer exam or test questions? If ...
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Are question about what happened to a flight, when an official investigation report is available but inconclusive, on topic?

I know that questions about incidents under investigation are generally off topic; see e.g. Should we comment/speculate on incidents being investigated? and Frequent questions following air incidents. ...
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Do we need to review our "on topic" list?

This question is due to this question and the subsequent discussion in chat. It looks like we have a few questions that are not really on topic, but rather are about military stuff and they are not ...
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2 answers

Are questions about deciphering ATC recordings on-topic?

A question about deciphering an ATC recording was posted today: Pilot communication with ATC partially unreadable Can anybody decipher this pilot's landing request due to moderate turbulence (some ...
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Is the 'Gatwick drones' question on-topic?

Are there any photos or videos of the drones at Gatwick? The question asks for photos, and if no photos exist, asks about the reliability of eyewitnesses/news. Is it on-topic, or should it be closed?...
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What is the site policy on drone questions?

What is the site policy on questions about Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)?
4 votes
2 answers

Can I discuss drones and UAVs in aviation stack exchange?

I see a lot of questions regarding real aircraft, but I have a question about my drone. Is it appropriate to ask questions about drones and UAVs on the website?
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Would this question be on-topic?

I wanted to ask a question in this site, but I'm not sure it would be on-topic (maybe a bit opinion based): I'm currently an IT project manager (I have a french engineering degree in computer science ...
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X-Plane / F-4 question -- policy on sim related questions [duplicate]

The question went through multiple close and low-quality reviews. Timeline of events: Asker can't find flaps lever Answer shows flap switch on the real plane (photo and manual) Another answer shows (...
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Are questions about missiles and radars that shot planes down in history on-topic here?

There are some examples where a country has shot a passenger plane down and justify it by "the radar can't distinguish between war jets and passenger planes". Is it on-topic to ask about the ...
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