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Any question asking how privileges work, what exactly they are or what does a certain privilege let you do.

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How does "see votes" privilege work?

Recently I earned the "see votes" privilege. What does it do and how to use it?
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Why is the approve-tag-wiki-edits privilege awarded at a much lower reputation level than the edit-tag-wikis-without-needing-approval privilege?

The "Approve tag wiki edits" privilege is currently awarded at 5,000 reputation. However, the ability to edit tagwikis without needing approval is part of the "Trusted user" privilege, which isn't ...
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Can I have my deleted questions undeleted?

Can I have any questions that I deleted counting towards my question ban undeleted so I may work on them to get my asking privilege back?
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Will enough time pass where I'll get a fresh start here on Aviation SE?

I can't see when I got a question ban nor have any idea when I will be allowed to ask again. Can I get a date or direction? I can't revise my current questions without getting more down votes or ...
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If you get a privilege, but drop below the amount needed once you have it, would you lose the privilege awarded at the needed level?

Say you get the privilege of 'creating gallery chat rooms' at 1,000 reputation, but lose enough reputation to go below 1,000 reputation, would the privilege awarded at that amount of reputation, be ...
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