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What should we do about these newly created tags?

I just noticed on the Moderation Tools page that many new tags have been created recently (all by the same user): Many of these are IMHO unnecessary (like copyright or date) or just duplicates (like ...
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Is [faa-approval] needed?

Carrying over from How is [faa-approval] different from [pilot-certification]? The accepted answer after 2 weeks is: best to rename [faa-approval] to be jurisdiction-neutral and cover approvals not ...
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Rename [airbus-a300-beluga] tag to [airbus-beluga]?

Currently, we have the airbus-a300-beluga tag for questions about the Airbus Beluga outsize-cargo aircraft. Problem: we now have at least two questions1 about the Beluga XL (the original Beluga's ...
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Do we need the [flight-mechanics] tag?

At the moment flight-mechanics has 14 questions. Do we need it? My opinion is we should get rid of it and use aerodynamics (1,316 questions) and/or aircraft-physics (157 questions).
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Rename misspelled [priviliges] meta tag to [privileges]?

The priviliges tag here on Aviation Meta is misspelled (its subject is questions having to do with privileges); can we rename the tag to its correct spelling (privileges)?
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Proposed [specific-incident] / [specific-accident] tags

There are currently a few tags in use relating to specific incidents, e.g. mh370-incident, us1549-incident, tam3054-incident and lot16-incident. There were also a number of others that I created and ...
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5 votes
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Should the "incident" or the "accidents" tag be renamed?

We have a incident (singular) tag and a accidents (plural) one. Should we change one to have both singular/plural? If yes, which one?
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Why [aviation-history]?

There is currently an aviation-history tag with 20 posts on it, and no history tag or other tag with history in the name. Why? This whole site is about aviation, it seems like all the tags should be ...
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Ambiguity of the DGCA tag

I just stumbled across a dgca-regulations tag. According to the description it is for question related to regulations by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India. While the tag-wiki ...
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Necessity of the airliner tag

We now have 20 questions with the airliner tag. Looking through them, there are very few, if any, that actually need it. Most of them are either generic large/transport category airplane questions ...
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6 votes
2 answers

When should FAA -vs- FAR (and other regulatory) tags be used?

So I've been using (and see others using) the FAA and FAR tags somewhat interchangeably, and there are a lot of questions with both tags since people ask questions about "FAA rules" instead of the ...
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10 votes
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Rename [tag:powerless] to [tag:unpowered]?

'Powerless' seems like a misnomer. Can we rename it to 'unpowered'? That is at least a more typical term, although perhaps that's only in the US.
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