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Why do I only have 1 gold badge?

I have 2 questions with over 10k views (one with 10k and the other with over 40k) but have only received the gold popular question badge once.
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Why are some questions in the question list faded?

Why is the question from TayE faded? (Is there a contribution he hasn't yet paid?) This happens for several questions. Is it my browser configuration?
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How does the vote counter work?

I accidentally downvoted an answer recently, and only realized from the rep tab, and had to do a silly edit to correct it. Then I looked at my vote counter: Then the downvote list, the actual ...
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Bounty counting toward 200 limit

Are bounty awards exempt from the 200 points/day reputation limit? Yes, bounty awards are exempt from the daily reputation cap.—Meta Today (Sep-9) I awarded 100 bounty and they capped the daily limit ...
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Duplicated results following a search?

I did a search for "VHF", and got the following result twice in the results:- How many VHF system can be in MEL for an A340? I'm assuming this is because the text "VHF" is in both the question in ...
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Can answers be posted on a closed question?

Prompted by this. As you can observe, an answer has been posted almost 2 hours after the question had been closed. Is it a bug? Or is is expected that extremely high rep users can ignore the closed ...
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New Aviation Site Design!

Good news everyone, it was discussed on the Stack Exchange podcast, and we now have a site design. This should be rolling out as soon as we can get the design spec converted into workable CSS. ...
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1 featured question, but no question shows up?

I just noticed that there is 1 featured question badge, but no questions are showing up: I'm not sure if its related to Why does my review icon say 12 when there are no posts to review?
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