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Reputation points from accepted tagwiki edits not attributed

Yesterday (local time), I made three tagwiki edits which were ultimately accepted:1 Suggested edit #48672 to airbus-a320. Suggested edit #48673 to airbus-a330. Suggested edit #48677 to airbus-beluga. ...
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What is the tag usage of [flow]?

What is the tag usage of flow? It seems to me it's mostly boundary layer questions. Would it be better if it's renamed to boundary-layer? A quick search gives 47 results.
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Were the MD-90 and 717 ever known by DC-9-9x names

Motivated by the title/body of Why was the DC-9-80 so successful despite being obsolete almost from birth? and its comments (and the rollback), and then the tag info, I was surprised to find the MD-90/...
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