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Why was the question asking "How to locate ATC recordings of a specific flight" closed?

My first question in this SE site was closed not too long ago, with the reason: Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. This question does not appear to be about ...
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Why was my flag for the "Three endorsements before solo" question declined?

I am here again for the second time in a week to ask about what types of questions are on-topic here. My recent flag for this question with a current net score of -3 was declined recently. The ...
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Why was my closure flag declined for this question?

I flagged this question as off topic several days ago. I did, and still do, think that it is not a good fit for this site. As of today, five days after being posted, it has yet to receive an answer. ...
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Question closing is too arbitrary

I have now experienced it too often to stay silent. People vote to close a question they don't know the answer to. The question itself is clear and easy to answer, but some people prefer to put others ...
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Are 'aircraft identification' questions using photos eligible for duplicate voting?

Not post-specific, rather general policy, but I will use two posts as an example: A recent question asked: What is this aircraft that has flown over my house all day? To which I voted duplicate for: ...
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Is the 'Gatwick drones' question on-topic?

Are there any photos or videos of the drones at Gatwick? The question asks for photos, and if no photos exist, asks about the reliability of eyewitnesses/news. Is it on-topic, or should it be closed?...
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How does vote to close work?

Does it just keep asking until five people agree or does it ask ten times to get five votes or what? This question doesn't answer it.
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What to do with questions that turn out to be based on a "fake"?

Example: this one. We know now this is a fake. Is there a consensus on what to do with it? Suggest the OP to ask for the reasons that this cannot be real. Seems a good choice to me, as the ...
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Practical, or theoretical - which do we prefer?

Sorry, this is going to be another meta question about these two: Pilot passed out in a small GA plane. What can a passenger do? Can a passenger realistically replace suddenly incapacitated pilots? (...
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