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7 votes

My question was closed and deleted because of its humoristic phrasing

The other comments explained correctly what the issues are: the question is opinion-based (everyone will be able to come up with a new ridicolous way to "use" it, the non-professional tone ...
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4 votes

What to do when a question is deleted by the author before I can post my answer?

If you've put a lot of effort into the answer, it's non-trivial, and likely to benefit the community beyond answering the OP's curiosity, I'd go with option 2. In this particular case, the answer is ...
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4 votes

Can deleted low quality questions be brought back after they disappear?

Although it's widely believed that deleted questions or answers count "more" towards bans, no one except SE knows if deletion counts as exactly "2 strikes." This has been explained to you before: if ...
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3 votes

Can I have my deleted questions undeleted?

Undeleting all of them at once would not help, but rather create a few issues: if you don't edit them quickly, the system will automatically delete them within a few hours if you edit them quickly, ...
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1 vote

Should the question be un-deleted?

Yes, this question should be un-deleted. It is answerable (and more easily now with the added links) and will no doubt be answered within 30 days if it is un-deleted. Answers to this question might be ...
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