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Why doesn't "be nice" apply to everyone?

The be nice policy does apply to everyone. I believe religion and superstition should be kept away from a factual site related to Aviation. It is orthogonal to our subject matter. Please flag ...
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Publishing comment sections of ASE on other site

Thank you for bringing this up, @Jpe61. The published "interview" is indeed a verbatim copy of the chat (at least the part of the exchange I had with him) on aviation.stackexchange. It would ...
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Is reasking questions allowed under any conditions?

If you edit the question it will go to the top of the main page because it sorts by activity by default. This should give it added attention. You're also welcome to swing by the chat room to discuss ...
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Is reasking questions allowed under any conditions?

To add to fooot's reply, the "bounty" system of Stack Exchange is designed for this scenario. You offer an amount of your rep points as exchange for someone answering your question. The steps are: ...
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