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8 votes

Why is this clearly wrong answer "Looks OK"?

It is my understanding that flags should not be used to mark answers that are factually wrong. We delete answers if they are spam or if they do not actually attempt to answer the question. The answer ...
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7 votes

Please do not suggest withholding information from AME

For the love of god do not ever advise anyone to withhold any infromation from AME! This is worded a little too strongly. While I would never advise anyone to lie to their AME or withhold any ...
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5 votes

Repeat no-effort answers, Looks OK or Delete?

Delete. I agree that answers can't be considered in isolation. The only answer on a question, if not incorrect and not useless, should generally be kept upon meeting minimal criteria. In contrast, ...
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5 votes

SR-71 cool story comment posted as an answer

Given that the post has received 5 "not an answer" flags, 5 recommended deletions, 1 deletion vote, and moreover, considering, as one comment said, that The ground speed anecdote is irrelevant to ...
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4 votes

Appealling for question ban to be lifted

Question bans are automated and none of the mods are involved. Please read this for more details and how to get out of the ban: What can I do when getting "We are no longer accepting questions/...
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3 votes

Why is this clearly wrong answer "Looks OK"?

I would have voted to delete as low quality, however I know some folks will not vote to delete if a post still looks like an attempt to answer. In those instances, I hope they still downvote, and ...
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3 votes

Is the "what if I run at full throttle all the time" question low quality?

Things that stand out as low quality, in my opinion Very short 1 sentence. Therefore the question lacks clarity, context and purpose. It is hastily written without much real thought. "Engine&...
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2 votes

Please do not suggest withholding information from AME

I would further suggest that anyone promoting illegal activity who clearly knows, or should know, that it is illegal should be suspended following the normal pattern of increasing durations. If they ...
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