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If you get a privilege, but drop below the amount needed once you have it, would you lose the privilege awarded at the needed level?

Yes. So to take you as an example, if you have 1250 points and bountied a question for more than 250 points, you would no longer have access to the 1000 point privileges.
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Reputation points not attributed

To add on ratchet's answer, you can check this page [NOTE: this is mins' page, any user can get its own by checking its own profile] And from there you see what is happening:
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Reputation points not attributed

The green check mark of the accepted answer is worth 15 points all on its own. So you have 1 upvote (10 rep) and the accept (15 rep) for a total of 25 rep.
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Reputation points from accepted tagwiki edits not attributed

The best source of info here is probably this Q/A How do suggested edits work? And a quote for a direct answer Can I earn reputation? When a suggested edit is approved, the user who ...
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