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Why did a nearly 2 year old answer suddenly get flagged as "Low Quality"?

Because another user flagged it as low quality, which feeds the review queues in order to get more pairs of eyes to review the answer. If you agree that it is low quality you can action appropriately ...
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Please do not suggest withholding information from AME

For the love of god do not ever advise anyone to withhold any infromation from AME! This is worded a little too strongly. While I would never advise anyone to lie to their AME or withhold any ...
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6 votes

Condescending comments and answers

Please always flag any comments as "Rude or abusive" that you feel is even close to the line of being rude or unwelcoming. These will be dealt with swiftly, comments are not for this kind of ...
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6 votes

How do I flag as "low quality"?

An answer can only be flagged as Very Low Quality when it has a score of 0 or lower is less than 7 days old If the score is the problem, you can try to downvote it first, and open the dialog again. ...
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6 votes

How can we best tackle the reviewing discrepancy?

How can we best tackle this ongoing discrepancy? It also sometimes leaks into the comments of questions creating bad noise for newcomers, and rarely individual posts are discussed here on meta. Well, ...
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For planes, do we need an up-to-date fleet count in the tag wikis?

No, I don't think we need an up-to-date fleet count in the tag wikis. Tag wikis are intended to describe the usage of a tag, not to be an encyclopedic description of the concept. Active fleet counts ...
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5 votes

Repeat no-effort answers, Looks OK or Delete?

Delete. I agree that answers can't be considered in isolation. The only answer on a question, if not incorrect and not useless, should generally be kept upon meeting minimal criteria. In contrast, ...
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3 votes

Do we still delete "demonstrably wrong" answers?

I am not sure that counts as consensus. The answer you quote has been up-voted three times, but a comment below opposing the "delete when wrong" doctrine has been up-voted twice. I've never ...
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Please do not suggest withholding information from AME

I would further suggest that anyone promoting illegal activity who clearly knows, or should know, that it is illegal should be suspended following the normal pattern of increasing durations. If they ...
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