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Missing search hit for "circled r"

Short answer: Because the site's built-in search sucks. Longer answer: Stack Exchange sites are Q&A platforms, not search engines. The built-in search is kind of a best-effort thing: Sometimes it'...
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7 votes

How can I search to see if the question I am about to ask has not yet been asked?

My greatest fear is to post a duplicate question here First of all, I would like to dispel you fear. Asking a duplicate is nothing to be ashamed of, nor something others will blame you for. It can ...
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6 votes

Should we change the title of the question about the black triangle in the Cabin?

On SE, you are always welcome to propose changes that improve a post. At >=2000 rep, your changes are applied immediately. If your changes are inappropriate, the OP or another community member may ...
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6 votes

How can I search to see if the question I am about to ask has not yet been asked?

In addition to what Federico mentioned, yes, you can use Google. In fact, at least from my experience, I'd say Google is generally better at searching SE than SE's search feature is. SE tends to rank ...
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3 votes

Duplicated results following a search?

You search for just "VHF" finds all posts, not just questions or answers that match. The results are not duplicate, one is a question and one is an answer (that happens to be for the question). ...
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