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Can answers be posted on a closed question?

Broken As Designed: If you already started writing an answer it is possible to post it to a closed question for a while (~ 4 hours) if the client-side code that prevents you from doing so fails to run ...
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6 votes

Bounty counting toward 200 limit

Here's the full accounting for September 9: ...
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4 votes

How does the vote counter work?

Though the totals in the vote counter include deleted posts, the votes tab in the profile will not show them to you. The values are all correct.
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3 votes

Why do I only have 1 gold badge?

Because the second one has only 9,945, 55 short of the 10,000 needed. Your profile shows "10k" because the numbers there are rounded, not truncated.
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Duplicated results following a search?

You search for just "VHF" finds all posts, not just questions or answers that match. The results are not duplicate, one is a question and one is an answer (that happens to be for the question). ...
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