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Question closing is too arbitrary

I'm generally a little on the users-over-rules side, so it'll be hard for me to give an unbiased answer, but I'll present some research I did. Data collection I put together a Data Explorer query to ...
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Question closing is too arbitrary

Notwithstanding ymb1 very well put response I just wanted to add that even though I personally do not know the answer to that question it just feels very broad. It does not specify what the actual ...
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How does vote to close work?

A question stays in the close queue as long as there are close votes against it. Votes will expire if three users in review vote to leave open. If the question doesn't reach three "leave open" votes ...
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Question closing is too arbitrary

This question was asked 8 months 3 yers ago, and nothing has changed. It is beyond me why questions should be closed when they are not understood by the voter. @ymb1’s advise is sound. ---Update--- ...
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