Those actions were taken today. I don't know if others were done in the past, as part of a larger rename effort (and that's the issue: not knowing).

Those two questions are about the MD-80. If the ultimate goal is erasing in favor of , I think it needs to go through a discussion here first via a request for synonyms to the .

Community consensus will help with future tags. For example, if someone tags , should it automatically change to , or will this manual rename effort continue in the background without consensus?

To streamline the process:

► Should MD-80/-90 and Boeing 717 be synonyms to the or not, and why?

Note that in @fooot's answer to Were the MD-90 and 717 ever known by DC-9-9x names the following was proposed:

I think we should at least have separate tags for them.


I would suggest to use to refer to either the models marketed as DC-9's or something that asks about the larger family. Although the is a bit closer to the DC-9 heritage, I think the existing questions are specific enough to that model and tagging it as such is more likely to be understood.


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