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Should we change the title of the question about the black triangle in the Cabin?

I am speaking about this question: What does this placard on board an A320 denote? As the Stackexchange network aims for a high rate of users coming from search engines and this question is about ...
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Missing search hit for "circled r"

Why does a Q&A search for "circled r" show only reirab’s answer about private airports and not PMoubed’s question about the Communications section in the Chart Supplement? Both contain the phrase ...
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How can I search to see if the question I am about to ask has not yet been asked?

My greatest fear is to post a duplicate question here, how can I avoid that? Even this very question here at meta might have already been asked, how can I have this vision to see the questions that ...
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Duplicated results following a search?

I did a search for "VHF", and got the following result twice in the results:- How many VHF system can be in MEL for an A340? I'm assuming this is because the text "VHF" is in both the question in ...
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