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Why doesn't "be nice" apply to everyone?

There's been a huge kerfuffle about "be nice" and a "Code of Conduct" and certain groups feeling "oppressed" or "insulted" or "marginalized" or ...
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4 answers

Why do so many people on SE:Aviation have to do something with programming?

Just something I noticed. When I expand the user card of the people here on SE:Aviation, I do really often see people who have something to do with coding. Is that just me or are people who program ...
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6 answers

Why don't more people fill out the "about me" section?

Just wondering where people acquire their knowledge
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1 answer

What can we do about users asking bizarre, inappropriate questions repeatedly?

Consider the questions of User Danny Beckett: He asks if he should bring parachutes and oxygen canisters on planes to increase his chances of survival. He asks about the meal-details of the crew, to ...
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4 votes
3 answers

User list reputation bug?

There seems to be a bug in the reputation list: The site has only been active a little over a week, and looking at the last year of activigy, I have 1,125 reputation earned, but at the top you can ...
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3 answers

How does the site / SE expose what kind of questions people may want to answer?

I don't know how this information would be aggregated, nor from where - so I think "no". When one starts a site like this, it is full of people with deep knowledge. They surely are leaping to share ...